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General Terms of Delivery
and Quotations

These general terms of delivery should apply when nothing else has been agreed in 
writing between Staticks and the Buyer.

Offers, Prices (include/exclude), etc.

1)   Offer of Staticks is valid for 30 days from issuing unless otherwise has been agreed. Commitments along with offers are binding Staticks after they have been confirmed in writing. Prices are Ex Works Factory (Europe/Finland)
without VAT.
Prices do not include: Repro-work - films, printing plates, over-seas cardboard packaging, recyclable pallets and a custom made PMS color mix. 
Prices include: according to order confirmation - Staticks -products, printing on Staticks with agreed number of colors, in some Staticks -products with a back liner sheet.
Customer delivers a ready made material for printing - Adobe PageMaker/Freehand and pictures in slides for color separation. Final printing on plastic may differ from paper due to the characteristic of plastic and its printing. Terms and product specifications may change without any further notice along with new developments and R&D work. See also technical instructions web pages.


Delivery, Quantity

2)   Any agreed trade terms shall be construed in accordance with the latest INCOTERMS in force at the formation of the contract. If no trade term is specially agreed delivery shall be EX WORKS. Before forwarding the goods the deliverer Staticks takes care that the goods are in good order and condition as well as duly packed, wrapped on a pallet. The responsibility for the consignment is transferred to the consignee at the moment of disposal unless otherwise agreed. In case of damage caused by the consignment in transit, the hauling concern in charge has to be informed within the agreed period (max two weeks) from receipt of goods. Normal delivery within 3-6 weeks from a confirmed order, acceptance of proofs and according to the order confirmation.

3)   In custom deliveries Statics reserves the right to deviate from the ordered quantity as follows:
- 5.000 sheets or less +/- 15%, 5.000 - 20.000 sheets +/- 13%, over 20.000 sheets +/- 10%
- sum to be invoiced shall be according to the delivery. 
- max. 5% of the delivered sheets may in some cases have some defects (e.g. printing, production), all above
  is compensated in given pricing.



4)   L/C or approved credit unless otherwise agreed. On established deliveries payments must be made within 14 days after the shipment of the goods. On invoices unpaid after due date Staticks is entitled to interest on any overdue balance at the rate of 13% per annum plus all charges caused by the overdue. In case of late payment Staticks may, after having notified the ordered in writing suspend his performance of the contract until received total payment.

5)   Statics reserves the right to demand an advance payment, a guarantee or L.C. for deliveries before the acceptance to start the production of the goods. Staticks maintains the ownership to all delivered goods until invoice is paid in full.


Freight, Packaging, etc.

6)   Deliveries through transporter will be paid by the customer directly. Local deliveries are is charged 15 ECU per delivery. Deliveries though mail handling charge is 10 ECU plus mailing charge according to their tariffs.

7)   Deliveries less than 100 Euro, a charge of 10 Euro for handling small delivery handling charge will be added. This will not be applicable on partial deliveries caused by Staticks. Export and major shipments are packed on a Euro-pallet in flat sheet pads of 250-2000/confirmed-number of sheets each (A2) wrapped in plastic.


Guarantee, liabilities, etc.

8)   Staticks guarantees only the ingredient and the characteristics which are particularly defined by Staticks. 
Results for the use are not guaranteed and liability of Staticks is always limited max to the material value of the film delivered. Product specifications, usage and storage requirements shall apply by Staticks.

9)   If goods have proved to be defective when shipped to the use of a customer, the equal sum paid will be returned. Staticks will not compensate on any other damage or on disappearing. Staticks-It will not refund or be responsible on any personal injuries, damage of any other property which is not included in the delivery, loss of profit or on any other indirect damage. Goods damaged must be returned to Staticks according to the instructions given by Staticks.



10)   All reclamations mus be made within 8 days of the receipt of the goods in writing to Staticks.

11)   If the issue concerns a malfunction of the goods supplied a detailed notice must be sent to Staticks within 30 days of the delivery.



12)   Goods may not be returned before Staticks has given a written permission and instructions. Goods returned without permission will not be redeemed.

13)   If the goods are returned according to the instructions given by Staticks, Staticks will pay related expenses for returns if the mistake is caused by Staticks.

14)   If the goods are not in their original boxes or in case of a custom made delivery, Staticks will not give a 
permission for return unless of a quality mistake approved by Staticks.

15)   Returns must be accompanied a delivery list with:
- name of the person given the permission for return
- description of product, delivery date, reason for return, quantity
- reference and shipping number of delivery 
- terms of delivery, etc

16)   Unless otherwise agreed, the delivery date for production starts from the date Staticks has send its order confirmation or received all confirmations and material from the buyer. Delivery date is the day when the goods are shipped from Staticks. If the buyer by increasing or chancing the order or by any means prohibits Staticks to make a shipment the delivery timetable will be extended accordingly within reasonable limits.

17)   If a delivery (partial delivery) is delayed more than agreed in Staticks -confirmation and if the delivery is not result of Force Majeure the buyer has a right to cancel the delivery of the partial shipment, however, not if the delay is less than 6 weeks. Cancellation must be done well in advance in writing and accepted by Staticks based on reasonable terms.
There will be a compensation done only if it has been agreed in advance in a written contract between the parties.

Force Majeure

18)   Staticks will free itself on all possible liability if the delivery is prohibited, becomes difficult or late based on the circumstances which are beyond the control of Staticks, for example strikes, war, military actions, import/export restrictions, rebellion, riot and also on such conditions which will disturb subcontractors actions or communication.


19)   All possible disputes between Staticks and Buyer concerning the sales contract, intrubutation or applying will be settled according to arbitration handling in Helsinki according to Finnish law. 
In case of non-acceptance of the chairman of the arbitration by parties local Finnish Trade Commission will point him. However, Staticks has a right to demand a missing all or partial payments in a local district court of Helsinki and/or by one member arbitration according to the process above.
Staticks maintains a right to alter Product specifications and Delivery Terms without further notice


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