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...works like a Magnet !!
It works like a magnet ...
easy to use and remove - no glue, tape or pins is needed ...

Staticks Note
New way to Stick/Staticks Notes


Yellow Note
- no glue but
Sticks with
Static Charge

 also with Company or
Privat Label printed

Stick-it-Note - yellow, orange, green, blue


- Staticks-Notes - electrically charged polypropylane
  film which sticks on most surfaces
- just smooth with a palm of your hand
- easy to take with you
- easy to use and easy to remove and set a side
- ideal for brainstorming meeting

- adheres to surfaces such as glass, drywall, metal,
  plastic, brick and to almost all smooth surfaces

- can be cutted in any size and form

- available in e.g. yellow, green, orange, blue,
  white, also Neon Colors available
- available also with your company logo printed

- packed in boxes of 24 blocks
  - 90-100 sheets in each block
  - sizes e.g. 80*80, 85*95, 87*100

Promo Use

With Company Cover - Promo use

  Blocks with Company logo & Privat Label:
- for a local printing house great opportunity to
  print covers for your local Companies & Promo & Gift purpose
- blocks of different colors inside the covers
- blocks from us and covers printed locally
- Chistmas gift for customers
- also available with a print on each sheet

Blank Covers to be printed
Covers Printed  

Staticks Notes
Office Use

Office Product - Promo use

  Staticks Boxes of 12/24 blocks for Office Use:
direct selling organizations
- blocks of different colors inside the box
- also Credit Card size available - for everybody


Notes A4

Notes in biggers size

5 color or 1 color Blocks    

Staticks Self-Sticking-Info-Notes A4 - also available in other sizes A8-1.
Sheets can be taken out from a block which is glued on the top end
cardboard back sheet. Can be cut in any size & form.
Usages: Info announcements, Color codes, Toy applications &

Rolls in


Available in e.g. yellow, green, orange, blue,
white, also Neon Colors available


  Staticks is based on recyclable, environmentally friendly polypropylane, both in production as well as a waste to be destroyed. Production technology of polypropylene is a clean and low energy consumption process, most food
product packaging is polypropylene.
Common product comparison is paper where production process is high energy contented and stress to environment in terms of pollution both in waste and air is higher.
User Quidelines:      



Ideas of use - quidelines
- pens, pencils can be used
- sticks on both sides
- can be cut in any form
- available in various forms and sizes
- Stick-It-Note-CreditCardSize - always with you
- no glue
- storage - in room temperatures
- request our dealers for White Board Assessories



It Works Like a Magnet ....

Intellicom Staticks - Perttulantie 6 B, 00210 Helsinki, Finland  - info@Staticks.com