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...works like a Magnet !!
It works like a magnet ...
easy to use and remove - no glue, tape or pins is needed ...

     Staticks-White Board
   Meeting Chart, Sheets

White Board (WB)
Meeting Charts
Ideal for:
- Branstorming & Meetings
- Visual Planning & Thinking
- Presentations
- Education, Mind Mapping
- Project management
- Training
- Campaigns

- also available with company logo printed


Staticks Meeting Chart Box

  Product Description:

- Staticks -Meeting Chart - electrically charged polypropylene film which
  sticks on most surfaces
- just smooth with a palm of your hand some 1-20 sheets on a wall
- wrap and move sheets side by side
- easy to take with you - for a next meeting or presentation
- easy to use and easy to remove, easy to set a side
- ideal for brainstorming meeting

- adheres to surfaces such as glass, drywall,
  metal, plastic, brick and to almost all smooth

- with white board pens film is erasable and
  permanent ink will stay, way to make charts

- can be cutted in any size and form

- available in white and transparent in sizes A1,
  smaller upon request
- available with squares at the back

- packed in boxes of 30 sheets - 7-18 in cartoon
- can also be used accompanied with Staticks
  Notes for e.g. brainstorming planning
- Storage - room temperature


With Company Logo
Great Promotional

  Staticks Meeting Chart Box

- usually printed at the bottom
- also great promotional value
- use and combine with Staticks Notes - color codes



  Staticks is based on recyclable, environmentally friendly polypropylane, both in production as well as waste to be destroyed. Production technology of polypropylene is a clean and low energy consumption process why most food stuff products are also packed in polypropylene packaging.
Common product comparison is paper of which  production process is high energy contented and stressess environment in terms of pollution both in waste water and air.
In addition erasable Staticks-Meeting Charts can be used number of times again, is recyclable and therefore greatly reduces a waste pressure again our everyday environment. Erasability also makes the use of Staticks-Meeting Charts cheaper to use than paper.
User Quidelines:      

In a Box or in Tube



Ideas of use - Quidelines
- use white board (WB) pens and wipers for erasabilityCarry with you
- printed side is ideal for white board pens, erasable
- do not use unti-static liquids to clean the film,
  static charge will dimins
- brainstorming
- can be cut in any size and forms
- combine with the use of Staticks-Notes of different colors

- WB pens
- WB wiper
- mailing tube
- carry extension tube


Staticks - of Intellicom Group - Perttulantie 6 B, 00210 Helsinki, Finland  - info@Staticks.com