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Static no glue needed
Sticks   anywhere
Works  like a magnet
It works like a magnet ...
easy to use and remove - no glue, tape or pins is needed ...


Magazine Inserts
50-100 Times Higher Attentional Value

Product Description:



Insert in Company Magazine

- Totally New - everybody is interested in the new idea
- great new advertising value
- easy to use -> end it will be used/hanged on walls, windows
- higher attentional value, more contacts than with normal magazine advertising
- both sides of the back sheet also printed and used

- Staticks Magazine Insert - electrically charged polypropylane film
  which staticks on most surfaces
- just smooth with a palm of your hand
- easy to take with you
- easy to use and to easy to remove, easy to set a side
- adheres to surfaces such as glass, drywall, metal, plastic, brick

  and to almost all smooth surfaces
- can be cutted in any size and form

- a) separate insert inside a magazine
- b) on of the pages inside a magazine with Staticks sheet on the top
- c) Staticks sheet on the front or
- d) at the back of a magazine cover or even on both sides

Calorie Information Table


Thousands of ideas and uses

- maps, location of sales points + back sheet coupons
- along with company campaign material - e.g. annual report
- with return mailing fill-up on paper backing
- fun club posters
- campaign material for defined segments mailed along with the magazine
- timetables, calendars, info


UV Offset web printers with a width about 500 mm (20''), 2 A4's side by side and with repeats of about 60 cm (24'') and with our dedicated instructions.
Flexographic of UV Offset web-printers with two categories: label printers with web width capability of 40 cm (16") maximum and packaging printers with typical web widths of 100 cm (40"). Both types of printers can handle repeats of 60 cm (24"). In general, the label printers deliver a higher print quality than do the packaging printers. The typical flexo press can put down six colors in one pass.

Sheets can be inserted both with sheet feeding and drum.



  Statick is recyclable, environmentally friendly polypropylane, both in production wise as well as a waste to be destroyed. Production technology of polypropylene is a clean and low energy consumption process.  

It Works Like a Magnet ....

Staticks of Intellicom Group - Perttulantie 6 B, 00210 Helsinki, Finland  - info@Staticks.com