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Static no glue needed
icks   anywhere
Works  like a magnet
It works like a magnet ...
easy to use and remove - no glue, tape or pins is needed ...

Staticks-Meeting Chart - erasable White Board Staticks-Notes Sheets for Printers - Offset, Digital, Flexo, Silk Screen Staticks-Magazine Inserts Campaign Posters & Stickers Outdoor Media - Displays
Meeting Chart Notes Offset Sheets Magazine Insert Posters/Stickers BannerMedia
New way to stick notes, posters and printed products to a wall, window or any other smooth surface
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Green Choice
Recyclable Polypropylane
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is graphic and plastic industry professional with long term experience with leading partners around the world. Our products are sold with our own brands and with our customers' - e.g. Stick-it, MagicPaper, RNX, Bg-Media. Unique patented Staticks-Technology is based on statically charged recyclable and environmentally friendly polypropylene film. Main Staticks applications are Sheets for Offset and Digital printing, Magazine Inserts, Notes, Meeting Charts with company logo. All kinds of printed ideas have been produced since 1996 and are now sold and licensed through international network of resellers. 
The core know-how of Staticks technology is a platform for number of applications with significant market potential - potentially hundreds, even thousands of practical uses, ideas and applications available for this unique Staticks technology.

Staticks sticks by itself, without any tools, adhesive tapes, pins or glue onto most materials, such as wood, steel, concrete, glass, wallpapers. It can be easily removed and replaced. Due to its unique self-sticking property Staticks can be used, for example, in advertising, promotion and communication uses.
Over ten thousand of successful campaigns have already been done with Staticks - e.g. by Nokia, Canon, Coca-Cola, Siemens, L'Oreal, Accenture, political campaigns.
Once it sticks/Staticks easily it will be diplayed and therfore attentional value of these campaigns is higher. According feedback, number of customers reading Staticks advertisements is over 50-100 higher than if printed on paper.

Our Staticks technology is also used in number of other high tech applications e.g. in Medical, Health/Wellness, Feed Additives, Packaging, Acoustic Industries.

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Intellicom Staticks - Maapallonkatu 8 A, 02210 Espoo, Finland  - Info@Staticks.com